Using Facebook for Customer Service

Not only is Facebook a great tool for marketing to prospective clients, but it can also be used as a customer service base, to help the clients you already insure. Here are some different ways my agency has gone about using Facebook to connect with clients:

1) Alerting the public. Inclement weather can be sudden. Especially with tornadoes this season. Notifying your community online can help them prepare. Many times news breaks on Facebook before the actual news hubs catch on. Letting people know what kind of weather is coming can help them make the right plans.

2) Letting people know about a particular product. Whether it is flood season, great homeowners quotes are coming in, or we are reminding people to call early on for a Missouri life insurance quote, always having the best interest for our clients extends to our social media sites. Being able to connect with the consumer online allows you to direct a message of importance that they will pay more attention to than if you sent a piece of direct mail.

3) Sharing community events. Showing what is going on in the community allows your Facebook page to go further than just being an insurance resource, but also a community resource. If people know they can come to your Facebook page to see what is going on in the area, they will share it with others as well. Becoming a resource for local news will draw more people to your page and also allow your current customers to use your Facebook site as a town event guide.

Scott Minor, Partner & Strategy Manager at Trust GDC Insurance Services, has been with the business full-time since 2000. Scott has pioneered many innovative programs and is driven by an intense passion to improve the industry, its level of professionalism, and most importantly, the clients’ experience.