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2022 Insurance Industry Events Competing for Your Attention — How to Choose Wisely

It will be challenging to decide which 2022 insurance industry events to attend, with many events being back in person after the pandemic break. Your time and travel budget are finite, so it makes sense to have a plan in place. Get the most for your conference dollar with our tips.

Many events had to reschedule or move to a virtual option during the pandemic. This means more conferences and events will be competing for your time than ever before in 2022. Read on to learn how to decide which events you should plan to attend.


2022 Insurance Industry Events Compete for Your Attendance

Many conferences and events compete for your attention and conference dollars in 2022. Try some of our ways to help narrow your list and decide which 2022 insurance industry events to attend.


Base your attendance on the educational content.

Review the courses and educational content offered at industry events to decide which to attend. If a smaller conference focuses specifically on your niche, it may be worth adding it to your list.


Look for events happening near your key clients.

Stretch your travel budget by planning to extend your trip. Are there conferences or events taking place in your biggest client’s city? That may be a smart event to attend since you could plan a client visit and meeting to match the timing of the conference. You could also invite your client to join you at the event or for an appreciation dinner you host at the conference.


Offer to speak at an event.

If you are a speaker at a conference, attending that event is an obvious choice. And being a speaker at a popular industry event is a great way to build your brand and promote your agency. Being known as a thought leader means your clients and colleagues will come to you for advice. If you have a thought-provoking presentation about an exciting niche topic, many events will want you to join their panels or present to the audience. Brush up on your public speaking skills and volunteer to share your knowledge on stage!


If you are part of a membership organization, attend their events.

One way to make your list of which 2022 insurance industry events to attend is by starting with the events planned by your membership organizations. Many professional organizations hold annual conferences or meetings you can attend — and since you are already a member of the group, you will likely be interested in the conference topic. The American Agents Alliance holds its annual event in Palm Desert, California. Save the 2022 dates — September 22-24.


Plan your attendance around CE credits.

Not every event offers the same number of CE credits. If you want to earn some of your annual continuing education requirement credits at conferences, consider planning your attendance around events that offer more CE credits. We all need to keep up with industry trends, and earning CE credit at the same time is a valuable benefit of many insurance conferences. Use the number of CE hours offered as part of your decision-making strategy to make the most of the events you attend.


Consider your conference goals when making your list.

Think of your goals and what you want to get out of attending 2022 insurance industry events. Do you want to network, find a new vendor solution, or learn new things? If you can identify your primary motivation for attending events, it could help streamline the list of events so you can narrow your focus.


Go to events sponsored by your partners.

If one of your main carrier partners or clients is a major sponsor at an event, you may want to add it to your list. Sponsoring companies often send some higher-level executives to these conferences so you can meet some c-suite partners. The sponsors usually host an educational session and join a panel, so you can learn more about your key partners by attending these events. If they also have a vendor booth at the event, you can meet the marketing partners who attend — and they could prove to be helpful contacts in the future.


Split your team.

Another way to make your 2022 conference plan is by working with the other leaders in your office. Is another agent planning to attend the same event as you? Maybe you should split up and double your efforts for your agency by going to two different conferences. Working together to plan your time could pay off for you by allowing you to niche down and focus your efforts collaboratively.


Join the American Agents Alliance 2022 Conference & Expo  

The first 2022 insurance industry event that should top your list is the American Agents Alliance 2022 Conference & Expo scheduled for September 22-24 in Palm Desert, CA. Registration for agents and brokers opens in the spring — don’t miss the largest P&C event in the west!

Join us for three days of education, networking, and the best tips for agents and brokers, plus fun in the sun with your clients, vendors, and colleagues. Our schedule includes plenty of time for client meetings and casual networking, like at our popular golf event.

See you in Palm Desert!

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