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3 Effective Twitter Strategies Your Insurance Agency Can’t Live Without

At Noltensmeyer Insurance Services, we believe in the power of social media and the effect it can have on branding your agency and attracting traffic online. We’ve managed to gain more than 320 followers on Twitter by posting relevant and interesting content we perceive our followers to enjoy. Since we’ve had success on this medium, we’d like to share that success with colleagues.

Here are three tactics we’ve found that work:


1. Post at least three times per day.

Dedication to posting every business day keeps our Twitter profile fresh with new content and links. We’ve found that posting more than three times per day has a negative effect on results, as that clogs our followers’ Twitter feeds.


2. Post Facebook and blog posts to Twitter.

Since we post with the same frequency on Facebook and have found similar engagement with the content on both sites, everything we post on Facebook we also post on Twitter, including blog posts. Important Note: We tweak the message on Twitter to make it effective for our followers there. This saves time while broadening our reach to audiences on both platforms.


3. Use of hashtags, retweets, content.

Hashtags draw a lot more traffic to our Twitter profile, since they are commonly used by people searching for specific information on Twitter. For example, when Tweeting about Black Friday using #blackfriday makes sure our post will be found by people searching via that hashtag. Retweeting those influencers in our community that we hope to gain as followers is an effective strategy. It shows that we are following them and sharing their messages with our followers. Often they follow us and return the favor, which exposes our brand to an even larger audience on Twitter. With content, the goal is to entertain and provide useful information relating to insurance or what it covers.

Our goal is to brand ourselves as experts, yet also provide entertaining content our followers want to retweet. The results have been positive. Whether you sell car, business, or home insurance in Houston, these tactics could work for you!


Dan Noltensmeyer is CEO of Noltensmeyer Insurance Services LLC, a fully licensed property and casualty and life and health insurance agency located in the heart of Houston, Texas. Noltensmeyer got his MBA from Texas A&M University in Corpus Christi, Texas. His agency specializes in personal lines such as Texas car insurance and business insurance as well.

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