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3 Reasons to Promote Your Blog Posts on Social Media

As an independent insurance agent, I think I speak for all when I say it is quite an accomplishment when you finish a blog post. You are usually the one to write insurance policies, not blog posts! After you successfully create an interesting post, do you want to just let it sit on the site and hope people will find it? No! It is important that you share your work. Promoting your blog post on social media is the way to accomplish this. If you have not been doing this in the past, now is the time to start. It’s a new year, a fresh start. The next time you post on your agency’s blog, be sure to head on over to Facebook and Twitter to share the link. Not convinced? Here are three reasons to do so:


#1: To receive Facebook likes, reTweets, and shares.

If your blog post is forced into the public eye, the posts have a greater chance of getting attention and possibly shares. The more your content is shared, the more traffic to your website, which leads me to the next point…


#2: To drive traffic to your website.

Fans and followers may not visit your site on a daily basis, especially if you are not blasting out the URL. By sharing the URL to an interesting post, viewers will be much more likely to click, read and eventually browse your site. This may even lead to a potential client filling out a free quote form.


#3: Prove your expertise.

You are an insurance expert after all, right? If you write a post on the importance of contractors insurance in California, you should share immediately. This type of content may be in demand! If you have the answers, people are much more likely to click and see just what information you have to offer. If you prove your expertise in a unique subject area, viewers may end up trusting you and eventually purchase a policy. If you take the time to write a blog post, you should spread the word and link! If not, your post may not be seen as much as it should be. You should be giving your fans and followers a place to look; do not depend on them to go searching. Chances are they may miss out on crucial information and advice without a link directly in front of them. Once you do begin to share and post your blog post links, make a note of which posts get the most Facebook likes, shares, and reTweets. These findings may end up helping you choose topics for future posts, too. Good luck!


Daniel W. Post, CIC, is the President of Post Insurance Services and is responsible for all facets of the business from sales, service, marketing, administration and the company’s strategic direction. Although he leads the agency, Post continues to act as a field agent, growing his book of business – specifically in the construction, manufacturing and technology sectors.

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