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3 Reasons Your Insurance Agency Needs a Blog

Does your insurance agency have a blog?  The advantages of blogging are similar for insurance agencies as they are for any type of local and regional professional business.  Installing and maintaining a blog can help your agency attract new clients and keep old ones, connect with social networks, and keep your website fresh.  Blogs are also fairly easy to set up and easy to use.  Consider these 3 reasons your insurance agency needs a blog and why you should start blogging this month.


1. Build Rapport

Blogging allows you to build rapport with your current and potential clients.  You can use this platform to discuss a variety of topics with them.  You can use it to introduce new products and encourage clients to stop by or call the office to get their old coverage evaluated. Since many blogging systems allow comments, it is even possible for you to have a conversation with current and potential clients.  Let clients see you as a caring member of your community and an experienced professional who can help them with your services and products.


2. Connect on Social Networks

You can share your blog posts on social networks to attract a greater audience.  Post teasers and links on social pages to pictures, articles, and even videos from your own insurance agency blog to draw more visitors to your website.  Having updated blog entries also gives you something to update your social networking pages with.   You can also find blog plugins, sometimes called extensions, that will post to social networks automatically.


3. Update Your Website More Often

It can be tough for agents to update the static parts of a website, so that process might require hiring a web developer.  Updating a blog is usually just about as easy as sending an email or posting on social networking pages.  Frequently updated content is more likely to keep an audience interested, and it may also be more attractive to search engines because it encourages search engine bots to check your entire website more frequently.


Remember Our Blog

At American Agents Alliance, a national insurance association for independent insurance agents, we maintain our blog and update it frequently.  In addition to providing member and visitor agents will all sorts of tips to help build and grow an insurance agency, we also provide blogging ideas from time to time.

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