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3 Simple Marketing Tips for Insurance Agents

If you are like most insurance agency owners, you would probably enjoy spending your days helping your current clients and signing up new ones. In fact, the success of your insurance agency might depend upon your ability to get the phone to ring and fill your email inbox with queries from prospective new clients. However, like many agents, you may have already spent a lot of money and tried a variety of marketing strategies with varying degrees of success.

Tested Marketing Strategies That Do Work

Have you tried online marketing without enjoying a much success? It is true that online advertising in the insurance vertical can get expensive and Internet leads may not always be qualified. But one thing to remember about online marketing or any marketing, is you have to make your campaign about your potential customers. You might consider adding these tips to your online marketing platform:

  • Try sending out a monthly newsletter with memorable or interesting tips aimed at your readers. For example, you might suggest ways to prepare for storm season or warn parents about the dangers of teen distracted driving.

  • Run a referral contest on your social media website to build your base of followers. You can offer a drawing and allow contestants an entry every time they get a member of their own network to like, share or comment on your Facebook page.

  • Produce videos that highlight worthy causes in your community and mention your agency. These can generate the type of viral marketing that money cannot buy.

Offline, you can still get involved by delivering a few local businesses breakfast treats or by sponsoring a free water bottle booth at a health fair. When you show up and tell people that you own an agency, somebody is bound to have a story about their experience with auto insurance rates or a claim they made on their home policy. You now have an opportunity to schedule an appointment. In any case, you can always include photos of the event, with participants tagged, on your Facebook page. There are many ways to get out your name and your agency out there.

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