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3 Social Media Trends to Surge Your Business Forward for 2014

Social media is a powerful tool and 2014 will bring an even bigger focus on how to use it to your insurance agency’s advantage. In order for your agency to get a head start on a social media strategy, we at American Agents Alliance share a few social media trends to follow:


1. Google+ Becomes a Heavy Hitter

Based on how your agency appears in search engine results and the type of social cues that Google’s algorithm follows, it is best that your agency’s Google+ business profile is kept current with frequent updates.


2. LinkedIn Proves Valuable for Growth

As an independent insurance agent, your LinkedIn network is a valuable resource to build your business. Keep your LinkedIn profile properly optimized. Also, be active by sharing industry-related articles and commenting in forums.


3. Micro-Video Powers Forward

Instagram introduced its video capability last year right after Twitter’s Vine took off and the popularity of micro-videos is not slowing down. A video is easily shareable and can more easily capture the attention spans of clients. Learn how American Agents Alliance can help you develop professionally by contacting us today to learn more about our benefits.

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