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3 Surprising Ways to Connect With Leads

Your business needs leads in order to thrive. If you’re a new agency just getting started, you need those leads to jumpstart your progress. But even if you’re an established business, you still need leads to power your continued success and keep things from getting stale. However, the process for getting those leads can be difficult, especially for smaller agencies. Take a look at what you need to know about lead generation and how it can work for your business.


Cultivate Thought Leaders

Thought leaders are informed and trusted people who have expertise and influence in their industry, can be trusted to answer questions honestly, and also have considerable online followings. You should encourage at least one thought leader in your agency.

Your thought leaders should be able to answer questions about your industry online – in question-and-answer forums, on social media, and in guest blogs and other similar opportunities. The thought leader should also link back to the company – specifically, to a lead magnet on the company’s site – so that interested users can get more information and seek out the company’s services if they’re so inclined. (See Create a Lead Magnet below.)


Create Engaging Content

It’s no coincidence that the leading brands use all kinds of content to draw in users, and you should be doing the same. Research suggests that video content drives traffic. Other research points to the value of a quality blog. These aren’t new ideas, but they’re tried and true for a reason: They work.

Don’t limit your company to one type of content. Create amazing videos, write compelling blog posts, make your voice heard on a variety of social media platforms. You don’t have to do everything, especially if trying to keep up with too much content on too many types of forums will spread your staff too thin, but you should be doing more than one thing. Different people are attracted to different types of content, so creating content in multiple forms helps to draw in the number of leads you need to succeed.


Create a Lead Magnet

Lead Magnet
Someone in your agency might be working on a project that would make a perfect lead magnet.


Online content is good, but it can be ephemeral. After a while, that insightful blog post, timely Facebook status, or eye-catching video will get buried by other content. But some kinds of content have more staying power. An effective lead magnet may be a white paper or eBook – something that is available for some time after its original release and that people will find useful for some time to come.

Make sure that your lead magnet is unique and relevant enough to be interesting. You want it to contain information that readers will be willing to trade their e-mail addresses for. (This is how you build a lead list.)



There are many strategies an agency can use to build leads, but the three outlined here have proven their value for all types of companies. By recruiting thought leaders within your agency, creating engaging content, and offering valuable lead magnets to potential clients, you’ll be using techniques that build on your agency’s existing strengths while taking concrete steps toward its future success.

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