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3 Things to Love about Online Marketing

Online marketing is necessary to help your insurance agency grow. It can help you reach a broader audience and create better, long-term connections with your clients.

Here are three reasons why you should love online marketing:


1. It is cost-effective.

You can maximize your marketing budget by taking advantage of free resources. For example, using a Facebook business page as part of your online strategy is absolutely free. You can schedule posts in advance and it gives you insight into valuable analytics.


2. It makes Google happy.

Search engine results are crucial to your online presence. By claiming your business listing and optimizing your business profile, Google (and other search engines) recognize this when showing your business in search engine results.


3. It doesn’t have to be time-consuming.

Schedule an hour per week to concentrate on your online marketing. Post a blog, schedule a social media post, or update a listing. This helps you stay on track and see results. We are here to provide information to help make your business a success. Become a member of the American Agents Alliance and gain the competitive edge you need. Contact us today!

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