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3 Tips for Offering Special Rewards to Clients

When it comes to customer loyalty, there’s no better way to increase repeat purchases than through customer loyalty programs.  As an insurance agency, you should have more than a few ways to reward your clients.  In fact, the longer you convince a client to stay with your agency, the lower the liability becomes for maintaining that customer.  When you have clients who have been with you for 10+ years, you can rest assured that you have a solid agency.  Here’s a quick look at 3 tips for offering special rewards to clients.


1) Make it well known

If you’re going to start a loyalty program, at least make sure that it’s well known.  For each client that walks through your door, make sure they are constantly surrounded by the presence of your loyalty program.  This not only ensures that current clients enjoy the savings they deserve, but that they tell their friends and family about your insurance products, as well.  The best way to increase the presence of a loyalty program is by handing out business cards promoting the program, sending emails to current clients, hanging up relevant posters in the office and even sending direct mail to existing and potential clients. Another reason that you should increase the presence of your reward program is because the average American household already belongs to about 14 reward programs.  This indicates that families are highly favorable of joining the programs, which means they need to know about yours.


2) Make postings about your promotions

If your insurance agency currently lacks a social media profile, you need to jump on the bandwagon.  In fact, you need to come face to face with the fact that the social media bandwagon has for a long time been on the road.  Without a social media presence, you lack your most profitable form of advertising.  The two primary sites to create a profile for are Facebook and Google+.


3) Make sure your employees are involved

If your employees don’t believe in your insurance products, how can you expect them to promote them to the public?  All employees should be on board with your insurance vehicles, and most importantly, they should be willing to promote and support them through various marketing outlets, including word-to-mouth, social media, etc. Follow these tips and start building your own insurance agency rewards program today!

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