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3 Tips to Attract More Subscribers to Your Insurance Agency Blog

Enjoying a long list of your own insurance agency blog subscribers would benefit your insurance business in many ways. Any time an agent wanted to call attention to a new product, advise clients about some important issue, or simply run a referral contest, he or she could just blog about it and gets lots of attention. A blog with a large base of subscribers would be regarded as an authoritative source, and that would be a great advantage for an insurance agency. The difficult part of the process might be enticing blog visitors into giving up their email addresses in order to join the subscription list. Internet users get so much junk email that they have become wary of signing up for email lists. However, people will still sign up if they have the right motivation. Consider these 3 tips to attract more subscribers to your insurance agency blog.


1. Offer an Incentive

In exchange for an email address, offer blog visitors an incentive. This could be a digital eBook that an agent has composed on some critical aspect of insurance. Alternatively, it could be a physical promotional item that needs to get delivered by mail or picked up at the office. The disadvantage of physical items is they may cost more, but the advantage is that they also allow the capture of physical addresses or a lure to get potential clients into the office.

2. Run a Contest

Contests are great for generating leads, and that is exactly what a subscriber base consists of. Not only are subscribers your potential clients, they are also potential sources of referrals. Besides, a contest will also offer topics for blogging and social media promotions. Prizes could consist of small gift cards for local restaurants or other businesses. One advantage of this strategy is the potential for getting the other businesses to cross promote the contest.


3. Offer Real Value

Incentives and contests are great, but they really don’t generate the targeted subscriber base that consistently valuable content does. If an agency features relevant and quality articles, videos, or graphics, visitors won’t need any additional incentives to type in their email address and click the confirmation links. An agency that actually informs and educated people offers real value, and he right type of people are likely to be eager to subscribe. Think about this. Magazines and newspapers don’t have to give their subscribers an incentive or run a contest to get people to want their content delivered to them. Instead, they charge readers for their content. Plenty of online sites also require a free or paid subscription. In your case, you won’t be charging for content, but you will be offering your visitors and potential clients a chance to stay updated every time your blog updates. If your blog is good, your subscriber base should grow naturally. Of course, you can also speed the growth of your quality blog by keeping it updated and providing additional incentives.

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