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4 Must Have Features for Your Comparative Rater

It’s a digital world out there. As technology advances, it changes how businesses function and what customers expect from them. Is this digital focus bad news for the independent agency? Not necessarily. Providing fast, Internet-enabled service can actually enhance and strengthen your customer relationships.

Below are four features to look for in a comparative rater to help you stay competitive.

1. Secure Cloud-based Access 

How do you know if your agency’s data, specifically your clients’ information, is secure? With FSC Rater you know because Quotes in the Cloud offers free, secure, and unlimited storage for your agency’s quotes. Not only do you have access from anywhere but it also protects your data against digital catastrophe, hackers, power outages, equipment failures, and accidents.


2. Mobility 

Can your employees quickly pull up quotes on demand when meeting with clients? Is that quote data accurate? Your employees need accurate, up-to-date data at their fingertips in order to function effectively and serve your customers. With the new FSC Tablet coming soon, your employees can leverage their quotes on the go with this web-based companion to FSC Rater. FSC Tablet, available soon, provides an intuitive user experience with easy data entry and a quick quote workflow – so your employees can stay competitive.


3. Reports on Demand and Intuitive Search 

Do you have an important meeting coming up? Can your admin or principal pull together a clear, well-composed report within minutes? FSC Rater can generate custom reports that monitor performance in real-time so that your agency can turn that information into actionable reporting. In addition, FSC Rater simplifies your quote retrieval with more search filters so that you can meet client demands quicker.


4. Seamless Integration

Do your employees spend precious minutes switching back and forth between your agency management system and a comparative rater? You need a rating solution which seamless embeds into your management system, so that your employees can be more efficient, productive, and active with their client connections. FSC Rater seamless embeds into QQCatalyst providing an all-in-one solution without having to switch back and forth between systems. Read more about QQCatalyst Here.

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