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4 Social Marketing Trends for Insurance Agents

It's hard to believe that Mark Zuckerberg was still tinkering with Facebook in his college dorm room just a bit over a decade ago. Facebook has evolved quite a bit since then, and so has the entire social media landscape. If your agency relies upon social networking sites to attract new clients and keep in touch with existing ones, consider these 4 social marketing trends for insurance agents.

  1. Video and Graphics Explode The growth of Instagram, Vine, and YouTube as video and graphics sharing sites demonstrates that people like this kind of content. Producing short videos, infographics, and even webinars may be critical for content distribution in the coming months.

  2. More Agents Will Become Authors Of course, Amazon is a large online retailer. It is also a very active social networking platform with forums, lists, and comments. Publishing an eBook is a good way to attract potential clients and establish yourself as an expert in your insurance niche.

  3. Facebook Will Remain Competitive and Expensive Everybody who runs a Facebook fan page knows that posts are no longer shown to all of the page's fans, so marketers are forced to pay to play. Because of this, Facebook advertising prices have been rising over the last year and are expected to continue increasing.

  4. New Social Networking Sites Will Emerge Companies are still trying to enter this space with different models. For example, Ello is only open by invitation, but it holds some promise as the anti-Facebook social networking website. The company's founders promise that this new site will protect user privacy and not display ads. Instead, it will eventually get funded by offering premium services and features for a small fee. At this point, there is no way to know if this website will be the next success story, but it might pay to keep an eye on it and other emerging platforms.

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