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4 Types of Facebook Posts You Must Make to Boost Your Insurance Agency Marketing

Social media can be a boon to your business, or it can be the bane of its existence. Sometimes, it seems like social media was invented to make you spend more time online and less time in face-to-face or phone interactions with your clients. At other times, connecting with your clients through social media platforms, such as Facebook, feels like a valuable part of your insurance agency marketing. Facebook has more than a billion active users every month, and chances are that some of these individuals are in your client community. When you’re working on your Facebook presence, what kinds of Facebook posts should you make to boost your profile online?


Announcements and Blog Posts

Your attention please! Yes, Facebook is a great place to draw attention to the latest content that you’ve posted on your website. You might offer a code for entry into a webinar or an offer for new clients. It could be a link to a blog post where you’re highlighting ways to recover after a plumbing leak or the inspiring story of how a client rebuilt after a disaster. These informal information drops are a way to advertise without the cost of sending out flyers or putting up a formal advertisement online.


Invite Conversation

Social media should be just that: A sociable way to connect with your clients and for your clients to connect with you. While it’s certainly a venue to promote your agency, having a conversation with your clients can be even more powerful than sending out another advertising blurb. For example, you might ask clients what their key insurance worries are or what they’re looking for in an insurance agency. By inviting interaction, you not only engage clients in conversation, you may also receive valuable feedback that you can weave back into your business practices.


Connect With Others

Your Facebook posts do not need to be all about you. They need to build your business community. This is where linked posts come into play. If there’s an article about flood insurance or natural disaster coverage that’s particularly informative, you can link to that. You can also add some content that is simply community-oriented. Is your community running an earthquake preparedness workshop? Add that information to your Facebook feed and build goodwill between you, your clients, and the preparedness organization as you share that link.


Get Visual

Visual content is key to catching the eye of your customers online. While many of the previous types of posts may come with a photo, you can also focus some of your posts purely on the visual. Develop an infographic showing the ways that people are and are not prepared. Show a photo of common household mistakes that can lead to house fires. Visuals are high impact and easy for your clients to share.

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