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4 Types of Inbound Marketing for Insurance Agency Owners

In the past, people who were making decisions about insurance coverage would talk to their insurance brokers about their insurance needs. But, in the digital age, consumers are more empowered and will generally do their own research before talking to their insurance brokers to purchase coverage. This new dynamic can actually be good for insurance brokers if you produce content that helps them make decisions.

By educating your clients about risk and insurance needs, you can help them make good coverage decisions and that they are adequately insured. A few options for educating through inbound marketing:


1. Keep a regularly updated blog.

A blog for your site allows you to address a wide range of insurance questions. Current and potential clients can look there for answers before picking up the phone to call and buy a policy. Your blog is also a great place to address changes in laws and seasonal topics. In the winter, for instance, you can talk about coverage for Christmas gifts. In spring, discuss updating coverage on a seasonally used RV.


2. Offer free reports.

Create short reports and offer them free on your website. When potential customers download them, take the opportunity to offer an opt-in email newsletter subscription. The client will be thankful for the information and the email opt-in gives you more opportunities to contact them and offer coverage.


3. Design pithy infographics.

Simple infographics can be used to get across important points. Keep them simple, visually interesting and succinct. For instance, a graphic that breaks down the average number of uninsured drivers in your area or the costs of being hit by someone who is underinsured can help convince clients to buy this valuable coverage.


4. Online calculators help them make decisions.

Do you find that many clients underestimate the amount of life insurance coverage that they need? Offer a calculator on your site that lets them input the annual cost of obligations like their mortgage, childcare, and other bills. The results can allow your clients to make more informed decisions about the life insurance coverage that they buy.

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