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4 Ways a Blog Can Bring Your Insurance Agency More Business

You're an insurance agent, and you're in the business of protecting peoples' homes and businesses. Your job is to know your industry, to understand risk, and to help others do the same. Why would you blog?

1. Blogging is a Connection

When you're blogging you need to understand your customers' problems and answer their questions in a clear and concise way, establishing yourself as a seasoned expert in your field. Your job is to forge a connection with your readers, so that they know that you understand their needs. Using this connection, you can also provide them with new information: reminders about new insurance rules or changes, or emerging trends in your industry that will impact their insurance. Invite your readers to comment on your blog posts and share them via social media to create a dialogue.

2. Blogging Provides Value

As an insurance agent who blogs, your job is to provide value to your leads. Gone are the days of posts that were stuffed with keywords without a lot of content. Today, inbound marketing relies on value. You want to provide your readers with content that explains, enlightens, and extends their knowledge. After you've done that, reach out to them with more opportunities for learning through ebooks, downloadable pamphlets, tutorials, and webinars. These formats are an excellent way to get leads to opt into your email list and provide enhanced value for your readers.

3. Blogging Encourages Interaction

When you write a blog, you can encourage leads to interact with you. This interaction builds the social connection they need to become comfortable with your business, and it may lead to new customers or word of mouth business. As your readers interact with your content, your agency's information and reputation spreads.

4. Blogging Can Convert Leads

Once you've established that you're an expert in the field and have forged a connection with your leads, it's time to solidify that connection. Leads who feel comfortable asking you questions and who feel that you're a knowledgeable resource in the industry are far more likely to convert into customers. In blog posts, social media, webinars, and in all of the contacts that you have with your leads, invite them to dialogue with you about their needs so that you can determine what products would be the best fit.

While blogging might seem like the latest fad insurance marketing idea, it's here to stay, and it can provide true value to your customers. By providing information and illuminating issues in the insurance field, you establish a deeper relationship with your customers and your prospective customers.

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