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4 Ways to Love Your Community

As an insurance agency getting involved with your community is a great way to feel good and to give back – and more practically speaking, it’s also a powerful way to network. Not sure where to start? Here are four possibilities:

  1. Join your chamber of commerce – and actually participate. Sure, it’s easy to join, but to really help your community and raise your visibility, you need to get involved with activities sponsored by the chamber. Eventually, you may even want to consider running an event or serving as chairperson.
  2. Volunteer at local charity events. Most communities have fairs or other events to help raise funds for local charity organizations. Find them through your library, town hall or even by doing an Internet search.
  3. Get involved with kids. Volunteer to read at an elementary school, man the hot dog stand at the next Little League game or even provide a small prize for your library’s next read-a-thon. Working with kids is rewarding all by itself, but it also helps you establish connections with their parents.
  4. Be active online. Most communities offer pages on social sites like Facebook and Google+. Join and comment. Use your own social networking pages to post about events and give shout-outs to community members who are making a difference.

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