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5 Emerging Insurance Jobs

What’s up in the insurance field? Whether you’re looking for insurance jobs or trying to look into the future at your agency, you need to know about emerging trends in the insurance industry. Take a look at these emerging insurance jobs and witness the evolving future of the industry.

1. Inbound Marketing Management

Inbound marketing is the new world of insurance marketing. While insurance agencies may have historically focused on advertising, today it’s more likely that an insurance agency will have a blog, an email marketing list, and a social media presence. If you are interested in sales and communication, these can be excellent opportunities for you to find work in an emerging and relatively stable field.

2. Flexible Insurance Agents 

You may be interested in working in insurance sales or customer service, but this role may look quite different from the same role in the past. Today, many people look for insurance online. If you are able to communicate with prospective clients to online messaging, text, and other digital communication systems, then you could find a home at an insurance company that is trying to communicate with a more online-oriented and youthful audience.

3. Insurance for a New Millennium

According to Talent Egg, “About half of the approximately 110,000 Property and Casualty insurance professionals are between 41 and 60 years old, and 25% of them are expected to retire in the next two to six years.” There are huge job opportunities for Millennials who want to enter the insurance field, and many of them lie in traditional insurance areas such as property.

There are opportunities to explore new insurance markets as well. For instance, the area of cyber risk is growing. This was not available to those who began their careers in the days before the Internet. Driverless cars are headed toward availability, vastly changing the insurance industry. Errors and omissions insurance is a rising area of interest. According to the Canadian Underwriter, “More than ever, profitability strategies and coverages are so diverse that brokers are challenged to educate themselves to stay current and make sure their clients are properly covered.” If you enjoy working in an emerging field, look at what is up-and-coming in the insurance realm.

4. Opportunities for the Disaster-Savvy 

You may not like natural disasters, but do you understand them? The insurance industry is responding to the increased frequency of large-scale natural disasters. For example, as flooding becomes more and more of a concern, overland flood insurance is becoming a stronger product in the insurance industry. However, each insurer tends to treat this coverage differently. Brokers need to be able to understand this type of insurance and explain it to clients.

5. Developing Learning Opportunities 

The insurance field is growing and changing. According to the Canadian Underwriter, “Seven out of 10 broker respondents said their key challenge is staying current with product knowledge.”

If you’re a learning professional, insurance is a field that is ripe for the development of new educational opportunities. These include in-person short courses and online opportunities for insurance professionals to gain new knowledge and certifications.

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