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5 Surprising Benefits of Joining an Insurance Agent Association

You’re in business. You are connected to your customers. You are connected to your employees. But, are you connected to a community of your peers? Making contacts with business peers in the insurance industry through an insurance agent association can be greatly beneficial to your insurance business. Here are some of the surprising benefits that you may experience when you join a network of your colleagues in the wider insurance industry.

1. Professional Discounts

While you probably have many affinity cards that you use in your personal life, an insurance agent association can yield discounts or early bird opportunities to take part in much more than purchases of business products. For example, your employees might be able to take part in discounted online courses to enhance their training.

2. Technical Support

Do you need an integrated support team for your insurance agency? An agent association understands what you manage day-to-day, and it can help you by providing management tools, IT services, and even help with leads. When you work with those who understand your field, you’re better able to find software, technical, and web support that fit your unique needs as an insurance agent.

3. Legal Help

As an insurance agency, you’re in a very different legal position than other businesses. Sometimes you have to field a quick question that requires advice. Your insurance agent association can often provide legal support including a legal hotline, and you can learn from the tools and forms that others have created so that you can develop your own.

4. A Source of Employees

While most professionals see an industry association as an opportunity to network, even if you’re not planning to change jobs anytime soon, you can also benefit from the networking element of an agent association. If you’re looking for new employees, an insurance agent association gives you the opportunity to get to know people informally, before they approach you with a resume in hand. As you plan for the future, you can use your agent association as a source for formal job postings, referrals, and networking that could yield a wonderful new employee.

5. The Hidden Benefits of Conventions

Annual conventions and conferences are a way to increase your professional development and provide opportunities for your employees to connect with new ideas in the field. Don’t forget the bonus elements of a convention, such as the exhibits. These can be just as informative as the workshops if you’re looking for new tools or support systems for your business. Go to informal events that are part of a convention as well. These give you an invaluable opportunity to talk with others about issues in your field and find out more about the solutions that they’ve found to challenges that you’ve experienced.

Small or large, your business needs to connect with others in your field. If you’re an independent insurance agency seeking an insurance agent association, contact the American Agents Alliance. You’ll be excited to see the many membership benefits that include training opportunities, networking, and conferences.

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