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5 Tips to Get Your Insurance Blog Content on Target

How's your aim? When you're looking at content development, you need to make sure that you're aiming in the right direction. You need to know your target, choose a strategy, and let your blog content fly. Getting your insurance blog content on target can help you in your ongoing insurance marketing goals.

1. Who Is Your Audience?

To hit a target, you need to know where it is. Who is the audience for your blog? Look at your existing insurance agency clients. Is there a group that you want to target in your area? As you consider your insurance agency demographics, look at the age, gender, income, education, occupation, and family status of your clients. Think about who your existing clients are and whom you'd like to target in the future.

2. Segment Your Audience

Do you want to target many different clients, or do you want to focus on a single group? The advantage of blogs is that they can be diverse. You can address seniors' concerns about renewing auto insurance in one post, and you can talk about options for tenant insurance for Millennials in another post. Know who you're going to target in each blog. Is it:

  • Your tried and true client groups

  • Emerging groups of clients

  • People who should be part of your business, but aren't

  • People who are a fit for your new products

3. Where Is Your Audience?

You need to know where your audience is in order to send your blog content to them effectively. Take the profiles that you've created and consider other places where you'll find those clients online. For example, a parent may use social networking or family-related sites to seek information about issues to do with home and parenting. If you can create a guest post, add a Facebook ad with a link to your blog, or answer a question online regarding those questions, you may capture a new lead. Don't just create blog content – create value to draw people to your blog.

4. How Can You Get Your Audience to Notice You?

Do you remember your unrequited love in high school – that crush that was so big that you thought that someone would notice, but no one did? When you're trying to attract attention to your blog, it isn't the time to blush and duck, it's the time to get laser-focused on what makes your audience notice you. How can you get noticed by your prospective leads?

  • Browse sites, such as Quora, to see what your leads need. Answer their questions in your insurance blog content.

  • Pay attention to the blog posts that work. What's different about them? Look at the differences in format and timing as well as the difference in content.

5. What Makes Your Leads Stick Around?

Once you have your leads, make sure that they continue to read your content and engage with your insurance marketing. Develop a series of posts or the ability to easily search past posts to provide a more thorough understanding of insurance issues. Create an offer, such as an ebook or a webinar, that will extend your customers' interest in your agency. Once you have your leads, they are valuable, so you need to keep them coming back to your site.

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