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5 Ways Technology Can Support Your Insurance Sales

You use technology to support your insurance business, but is it helping you with your sales? Today's technologies are more than communication vehicles to talk with prospective customers. They're tools that can help you organize and connect with your clients, provide clients with online access to quotes and information, and develop better analytics for your agency. When you're considering insurance marketing ideas, think about how a technology upgrade could improve your ability to connect with insurance leads.

1. Track Information

Even if you have an exceptional memory, technology is much better than your brain at recalling all of the information about each of your clients. You can track interactions, motivations, and life changes of each individual you work with, and you can collate this information, allowing you to report on trends in your field.

2. Follow Up With Customers

Choose technologies that not only help you maintain your data but allow you to set reminders, generate your own forms, and make data collection simpler. The more help you can get with reminders, the easier it is for you to connect with clients on a regular basis about their insurance renewal or their potential need for different insurance.

3. Provide Online Communication Portals

How easy is it for your clients to get information about your insurance rates, their eligibility, or their current insurance status? By providing online communication tools such as live chat, an online insurance rate calculator, or a web-based portal that allows clients to access their information, you'll increase clients access to information and reduce their frustration. Encourage clients to sign up for electronic communications as well, such as weekly or monthly emails that update them on issues that would impact their insurance.

4. Understand Your Data and Direct Your Insurance Marketing

Do you really understand your clients? While personal interactions provide a lot of clues about what your clients need and want, hard data can also be very useful as you work to direct your insurance marketing ideas. For example, a survey of your current insurance clients could reveal how they learned about you, why they chose your agency, and why they stay providing valuable information that could help you direct future marketing campaigns and interactions with clients.

5. Connect to Social Media

When you use technology to communicate with your clients, it's easier to connect with social media. For example, you may consider writing a blog or posting a video about your insurance products. Through social media, you can share this information with your customers. Social media not only allows you to advertise your services, it allows you to share digital resources, ask questions of your clients, and participate in online discussions that help you frame your brand as accessible and helpful.

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