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5 Ways to Combine Education and Insurance Marketing

Did you hear the latest about insurance? While insurance policies are not necessarily people’s favorite topic of conversation, everyone has an insurance question. Whether they are wondering about ways to reduce their rates or trying to understand insurance terms, your customers need you to explain insurance to them. When you are marketing insurance, you can use education opportunities as a way to draw in new clients and build your reputation in your community.


1. Make Your Website a Stellar Resource

When your customers and future customers look for information about insurance, they often go online. That is why your website should be a resource, not just an advertisement for your business. Look at the keywords that people are using to ask questions about insurance, and use those on your site, so they can answer their questions using your information. Create blogs to develop your web presence as an expert in your field. For instance, if you notice there are many searches focuses on ways to reduce auto insurance rates, write a blog post about that and see visits to your site soar.


2. Use Ebooks to Add Value to Your Website

As more people visit your website, they will look at your blogs and may be curious to learn even more about an insurance topic. In a year with severe hurricanes and flooding, people look for information about preparing their homes and making insurance claims. Respond to this need for more in-depth information by developing downloadable ebooks. While you could charge for this service, if your goal is to bring more people to your business, consider providing your ebook for free, as long as people sign up for your email list and stay in touch.


3. Draw People in With Online and Offline Seminars

Is there a change afoot in the insurance industry? Is there a question you hear over and over again and want to address? Create an offline or online seminar to educate people. If you develop a webinar, you can use this over and over again to bring business to your insurance agency. Create it as a Google Hangout and send it to Youtube, then embed it on your website if you want it to be accessible to your visitors.


4. Become Visible at Public Events

Public events are an opportune moment to talk with the public. Create informative displays about insurance, or develop handouts or freebies that focus on safety rather than only on marketing your business. By developing resources that people will use, you will find that your name becomes even more prominent.


5. Go to the Media

If you are well-versed in a particular area of insurance, and you are comfortable speaking with the media, this can be an excellent opportunity to position yourself as an expert in the field and share valuable information at the same time. After a disaster or when a disaster is coming, the media wants to talk with a subject expert. Connect with them beforehand in another capacity to share your knowledge, and when the need strikes, they will turn to you to help educate the public.

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