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6 Networking Resolutions to Make in 2018

Ah, networking: for some, it is the stuff of life. For others, it is the bane of their existence. Whether you love it or hate it, insurance agency marketing is a necessary part of your agency’s survival. If you want to improve your marketing this year, what resolutions should you make to help with the process?


1. Connect More People 

People want to meet you, but even more importantly, they value you when you can introduce them to the people they must know. This year, resolve to make more of those introductions. According to Insurance Splash, “When you’re the person introducing two others you’ll naturally assume a position of power within that group of three.” Whether you’re recommending another service in your community or you are connecting people within the insurance industry, people value you when they see you as a connector.


2. Move Beyond Insurance 

If you attend networking events, by all means, talk about your business. However, you can reach out to a lot more people if you can move beyond the topic of insurance to discuss all kinds of relevant issues. For example, if you have the need for employee training on computer programs, you could find a lot of common ground with many other managers. Make finding that common ground a priority for you this year.


3. Follow Up On Social Media 

Make your network stronger by following up with people on social media. Add them on your Facebook or connect with them on LinkedIn. Use your inbound marketing strategies to look for ways to add value to that relationship. For example, if you discover through conversation that many people are wondering about the basics of starting an insurance agency, create a blog and LinkedIn content about this topic.


4. Forget About Selling Something

If you think that networking is about selling right then and there, you’re wrong. According to Entrepreneur, “When meeting someone for the first time, focus on the potential relationship you might form.” The best business relationships take some time to form. Learn more about the interests, needs, and skills of the person you are talking to, and view networking as reconnaissance and bridge-building rather than storming the castle.


5. Talk With Fewer People 

If your goal at events is to spread your insurance information to as many people as possible, you could be compromising on the quality of those connections. Instead, try to limit the number of people you talk with, but have deeper conversations.


6. Volunteer Your Time

This year, get involved in community events. Whether you’re creating an insurance booth at the fair or supporting a local sports team, people will see your name, talk with your employees, and make a connection that’s much different than you would at a traditional networking event. Being of value to someone makes a strong impact: be the insurance organization that doesn’t just network – it contributes.

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