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7 Out-of-the-Box Ideas to Recruit Insurance Agents

Employees are at the heart of your business. Without excellent insurance agents, you don't have the agency that you're striving to achieve. When you're looking for new talent, how can you ensure that you find insurance agents who work well with your company's up and coming culture? These out-of-the-box ideas will help you recruit new talent.

1. Issue a Challenge

Do you have a problem that you need resolved? Whether you require new office software that will work for your unique business needs or you need to generate advertising that will draw in a new audience, appeal to the minds of your prospective employees. Issue a challenge with prizes for the winners, and you'll receive new ideas that will help solve your problem. The bonus: Your promotion will draw interest to your business and can bring in new problem-solvers who may be interested in joining your company.

2. Design a Puzzle

Can your prospective insurance agents crack the code? If you're looking for new recruits on campus or in another venue where gaming is a popular way to spend time, create a puzzle of your own. Ask potential insurance agents to solve an insurance-related puzzle and come to you with the answer. The most motivated, intrigued, and insurance-savvy will apply.

3. Invite a Sales Pitch

Get inspired by OgilvyOne's campaign that encouraged prospective salespeople to sell them a brick. Don't be limited by the traditional CV and cover letter application. Invite applicants to apply with a video, a graphic representation or portfolio, and you'll invite those who can think outside traditional ways of representing themselves and your brand.

4. Hold an Open House

Are you thinking of adding a few new employees to your business? Hold an employee open house for those who apply to your position. Get to know prospective employees and give them a peek into your business. If they're there, you know that they're interested. The bonus: You also get to see how they interact with others and how they work under pressure.

5. Recruit From Other Fields

What are you looking for in an insurance agent, anyway? If you're looking for someone who's excellent at explaining, those who are involved in the teaching field might fit the bill. Create a list of skills and traits that you would like to see in your future employee. Create a second list of other fields that have individuals who would commonly have those skills and traits. Go to that field for your recruiting needs.

6. Get Social

When you're looking for insurance agents with social media experience, get them to show off their expertise by designing a social media campaign for their position. Hold a contest to see who can get the most likes for their job posting or who can develop a blog post that will achieve the most shares. Work through colleges where applicants have higher levels of social media understanding and little to lose on a long shot. Invite the winners for an internship at your insurance agency.

7. Dig Deep

Don't wait for your perfect candidate to come to you. You can also go to your candidate. Whether you know of candidates who are currently working in other positions or you've checked out promising profiles online, it's your job to go out and be an active recruiter for your position.

Are you seeking innovative ideas? Connecting with other independent insurance agents and agencies can help you understand the insurance market and the process of finding and hiring excellent candidates for your positions. Contact the American Agents Alliance today to see how we can help you develop your network and find that candidates who suit your business.

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