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7 Ways to Market Your Agency Locally

Your community is a great place to find new insurance clients, but today, many people tend to overlook their neighbors and focus on the “bigger” picture. Here are seven powerful ways to build that all-important local network:

1.) Be a good neighbor. Volunteer for nonprofits in your neighborhood – coach a team, work at a food bank or help at a local hospital.

2.) Network, network, network. Attend local networking events and don’t be shy about sharing information and swapping business cards.

3.) Sponsor a contest. Offer prizes from local merchants to build a sense of community support.

4.) Sponsor a team or other youth-oriented activity. Spring for uniforms or sponsor a banner with your company name.

5.) Patronize local restaurants. Breakfast and lunch at diners are especially good opportunities to meet and greet your neighbors.

6.) Make your company newsworthy. When you sponsor that contest or support that team, write up a quick press release and send it to your local media.

7.) Start a local newsletter or post about local events on your Facebook page. Become a source of local information.

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