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A Creative Tool to Generate Content Ideas

Blogging. Social media. Press releases. With all of the different forms of content that your agency needs to generate to keep up with its digital marketing strategy, it can feel overwhelming fast.

At first, it might be easy to generate ideas and write quality, engaging content. But, after a while, we understand the feeling you might get when you think of writing content: dread. It can be difficult to come up with ideas for great content on a major long-run scale. However, there is a secret weapon to overcoming that dread: habit.

We have found that when you focus your energy on developing more creative habits for the way you create content, it makes the actual generation of content much easier. Our secret tool for content ideas is habit – creative habit. The thing about content is that you do not want to produce the same content that everyone else is already writing about. And that’s where the challenge is when it comes to idea generation.

Do you know how to harness your inner creativity when generating unique content ideas?

  • Read: The more you read what other people are writing about, the more current your ideas can stay. If you find that a lot of people are writing about a certain topic, you may want to ask yourself: what is missing from this discussion? An article on car maintenance is good, but is the author talking about specific maintenance elements, like the car battery for example? Look, you’ve found your next idea!

  • Write freely: Sometimes, you don’t even know you have an idea until you come up with it. Actively write down your ideas as they come to you. You’ll be surprised what you come up with when you least expect it. Even if you jot down a word or two while you are in the middle of something else, later on that word could mean a great content topic. What do you wonder about? Start writing it down and you’ll see what comes to mind in that time frame.

  • Ask questions: Find out what your audience wants to know. Ask your clients. Ask your spouse. Ask your co-workers. Everyone has a different way of viewing the world. Tap into that. This isn’t an overnight remedy. You need to make creativity a habit. Which is exactly why we think the secret to generating content ideas isn’t being creative, it’s being habitual. The more time you spend focusing on your inner creativity, the easier it will become to generate unique and compelling ideas. You may even find that your clients will thank you for bringing up something they never even thought of!

About the Author: The Putnam Agency was founded in 1981 in New York and now has four locations throughout the state. The insurance agency specializes in personal and business insurance lines.

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