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A Trillion Dollar Opportunity

It’s a well-documented fact that Americans are dangerously underinsured when it comes to life insurance. One of LIMRA’s (a Life Insurance think tank) latest studies reveals that a full 62% of Americans surveyed said they need more life insurance, 40% said they plan to buy it in the next two years, and 24% reported that they do not know where to get it. LIMRA calls it the Trillion Dollar Opportunity to insure Americans with the amount of life insurance they report they need and want.

Did you know that Life Insurance Agents are a thing of the past and Middle America is buying their life insurance from Property Casualty Agents, Financial Institutions, or even from television and the internet? As a Property & Casualty Agent, you have an opportunity to get all of this business from your clients who want it, need it and want access to it.

It is also known that it can sometimes take quite a lot to get a quality life insurance policy in force – extensive time and effort are necessary to complete a life insurance application. Additionally, insurance agents frequently have to sell the same product to the same prospect multiple times. There needs to be an easier way, which is why CPS and the American Agents Alliance have partnered together to bring you CPS Express.

The CPS Express platform is the best life insurance solution available today. It is the best program to feature quickly issued as well as fully underwritten products. The program is built on three driving principles: Simple, Secure, and Profitable.

CPS Express is simple. Log on, enter some basic information, click submit and you are done!

CPS Express is a secure process – secure in the sense of encryption, privacy protection, and data security, but it also offers you the security of knowing that the CPS Express Center will handle your client with care and professionalism – just as you would. The CPS Express Center represents and works for you, the insurance agent.

Electronic Applications eliminate the need for paperwork and the CPS Express team eliminates your need to chase forms and manage pending cases. Less time involved by you, makes the sale of life insurance more profitable.

When you put the CPS Express service to work they handle the case from Submission to Commission. Insurance agents identify the prospects and move them to action then CPS Express does all the rest. The end result is a client served with quality life insurance protection for their family.

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