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American Agents Alliance: An Investment in Your Future

Few professional organizations offer the wealth of benefits that members get from the American Agents Alliance. Even insurance agents need professional insurance. The equivalent of malpractice insurance for doctors and lawyers, Error and Omissions Insurance is a must for insurance agents.

Membership in the American Agents Alliance allows members to enjoy the benefit of buying this important insurance for as little as $1493 per year. The Alliance protects your livelihood through aggressive legislative advocacy; it helps members keep abreast of current issues and trends in the insurance field through newsletters and a web blog. Members also have educational benefits.

The Alliance partners with The National Alliance for Insurance Education & Research to offer members the opportunity to earn professional designations at a discount. Additionally, members have access to a 20% discount on online continuing education courses currently available in most states via the Alliance website.  These courses count towards the continuing education requirements for license renewal.

Members of the American Agents Alliance like most small businesses want to pay the least amount of money for the highest quality goods and services needed to operate their businesses. By pooling the purchasing power of members, the Alliance has arrangements with top vendors such as Lenovo, HP and Office Max that provides special discounts to its members. You can learn about the many other membership benefits by visiting us here. Smart insurance agents and agencies know that the modest investment made for membership is returned many times over. Join now, apply to the American Agents Alliance online, or by calling them at 866-497-9222.

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