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April Blog Post Ideas for Your Insurance Agency

April offers plenty of unique blogging topics for your insurance agency. From Easter to tornadoes, engage your readers with tips, stories, and advice about seven key events this month.


1. Blog About Easter

Prepare your readers for the Easter Bunny when you blog about dozens of topics at the beginning of April. Talk about safe food prep for family Easter dinners, share a list of local egg hunts and feature cute Easter basket gift ideas for children and adults of all ages.


2. Blog About Awareness

April serves as awareness month for several events.

  • Highlight National Child Abuse Prevention Month by sharing information about child abuse prevention and local programs that help victims.
  • Autism statistics, recent research and the importance of life insurance for caregivers as you focus on National Autism Awareness Month.
  • Celebrate National Poetry Writing Month when you host a poetry contest where your readers send in poems about a chosen theme like spring or Easter. You could also discuss the mental health benefits associated with writing and journaling.


3. Blog About Tornado Preparedness

Tornado season is here. Are your clients prepared? They will be after they read your tornado preparedness blog post. Share safety tips people should take if a tornado is on the way, and discuss the essential items every home emergency kit should include.


4. Blog About Tax Day

What do you do with your tax return? Start a conversation about Tax Day, April 15, and ask your readers how they spend their tax return money. Use the opportunity to discuss insurance essentials and mention any new products you may be offering this month.


5. Blog About Earth Day

April 22 is Earth Day. Is your insurance agency participating in a community clean up, recycling furniture in the office or adopting a highway? Talk about your celebratory efforts and ask readers to share their favorite environmental conservation tips.


6. Blog About Flood Preparation

Rainy spring weather makes flooding a real possibility around the country. Help homeowners and renters be prepared when you blog about flood preparations they can take. Discuss flood safety and clean up tips, too, and take advantage of these posts to plug your flood insurance options.


7. Blog About Spring Cleaning

It’s time to clean out the closets and get rid of the dust bunnies, so share non-toxic cleaning solution recipes and organization tips. Encourage your clients to spring clean their insurance policies, too, as they update coverage and make sure they have the right coverage for their needs. Connect with your clients and keep your insurance agency blog fresh with our April blog post ideas. Your insurance clients will appreciate your concern and insight.

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