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Auto Insurance Marketing Ideas

Carve out your car niche: how can you make your auto insurance marketing stand out from the crowd? Different customers engage well with different kinds of marketing. These marketing ideas for insurance agents will help you develop and refine your strategies to reach out to these multiple audiences.


Get in Touch With Millennials

For Millennials, authenticity and communication are important. Consider adding a text element to your marketing campaigns. Encourage people to text you questions or add a comment or photo about their auto adventures to a Snapchat or Instagram account.

Develop a strong social media profile, and keep people engaged with blog posts that are relevant to their auto insurance needs. As you create a relationship with the Millennial audience, they’ll begin to trust you and want to connect with you when they need auto insurance.

Make sure that you have a consistent strategy for communicating about your business on social media and that you reply to comments and questions online so that your customers know that you are a responsive company.


Marketing to Gen X

Generation X is known as the forgotten generation, but you can’t afford to forget them in your marketing. This generation is in its late 30s and 40s, and, compared to Millennials, it’s much more focused on car ownership rather than rental or forgoing a vehicle altogether. This generation also tends to have strong spending power.

Saving money is a priority for this generation. Focus on sales, deals, and discount programs for good drivers and long-term customers. Gen X is also focused on caring for themselves and their families. In your auto insurance marketing, be clear that buying insurance is about care. They seek security, and this is a perfect fit for the insurance industry, which can provide them with the reassurance they need.


Boomers and Beyond

While many of the auto insurance marketing ideas mentioned before also work for increasingly tech-savvy Boomers, you’ll also want to speak directly to their specific audience. Boomers are used to being the dominant generation, and although many of them are moving into retirement, they don’t want you to market to them as older people. They want to look forward to adventures, so market to them as people starting out on a new journey, not retiring from life.

Be straightforward and visible in your marketing to Boomers. Make sure that all of your marketing materials are well-designed and easy to read, for those who are aging.

If you’re using technology to engage with your customers, offer a simple way for all customers to get in touch with your business. This might be a set of easy instructions for your web portal or the option to call for auto insurance as well. If they interact online, they expect quick service. Make sure that you have the staff available to respond to their questions quickly.

Those who are new to the web may feel uneasy about purchasing and paying for insurance online and may need to talk with a salesperson in person. Promote the fact that you offer this kind of personal service to attract people and put their minds at ease about the purchase.

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