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Back to School Insurance Marketing

It’s back to school time. Is new insurance on your clients’ shopping list? While back to school isn’t always a time that parents think about getting new insurance, it should be. Here are some insurance products and marketing strategies for the back-to-school season.


Keeping Your Home Safe

Many families move over the summer months and prepare for a new school year in a new city. Do they have the right insurance? Consider providing an insurance package to realtors or property management agencies who can partner with you to pass this along to new families in your area. Provide useful information to new families as well: if your area is prone to disasters such as floods or hurricanes, give them the tips they need to get prepared to insure their home and contents. If your town has a fall fair or other events that attract families, make sure that you show up to support families as they learn more about your area and their insurance options.


Protecting Property At School

If your clients have a student who’s heading off to college or university, what about property insurance for that student’s dorm room? They need to keep their computer and other valuables safe. Back to school time is a time to extend discounts for parents of students and for the students themselves. Make parents aware that their property insurance could cover their student in residence as well, as long as their child is moving back home at the end of the school year.

Reliability and responsibility aren’t just an asset at school, they’re helpful qualities that keep your student safe. If families have an older student who’s a driver or away at university, consider offering discounts for students who achieve an A average. This is a bonus for students who are trying hard at school and looking for discounts on their insurance as well.


Staying Safe During Your Commute

As school gets back in session, many parents resume a daily driving commute as they drop off their children at school and head to work. Are they well-protected? Offer end-of-summer safety reviews for families who are transitioning into fall driving. Encourage families to tune up their vehicles and partner with a local automotive service company to offer joint discounts on car tune-ups and insurance renewal. Sponsor a crossing guard or sign at a school to make sure that students can cross safely.

Do your clients remember to remove all valuables from a vehicle to prevent break-ins? Are they using the appropriate car seats to transport children to and from school? Back to school is a good time for insurance agencies to give families wise tips on vehicle safety during drop-off and pick-up, and you can brand these tips with your logo and offer discount offers as well.

Put insurance on the back-to-school shopping list and attract new insurance clients with September discounts and creative marketing strategies. When you’re looking for marketing tips for any time of the year, contact American Agents Alliance. We’re a network of independent insurance agencies, and we’re here to help you build your business.

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