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Be a Better Boss: 5 Resolutions to Make This Year

How can you be a better boss this year? Whether you adore management and see it as your life's work or you've ended up in a position of responsibility that you would never have pursued on your own, you can improve the way that you work with people. According to TLNT, "Strong managers are one of the most critical components of employee success — after all, employees leave managers, not companies. How can you be the manager who elevates your insurance business and insurance jobs to the next level? 

1. Let Others Have a Say 

Being the boss doesn't mean that you need to be bossy all of the time. You may have a vision for your insurance business, but so do others at your company. This year, make space for them to share their ideas, whether it's through informal conversation or a more formal suggestions program. Not only that – provide some time and money to further those valuable suggestions and bring them into action.

2. Look for Strengths 

As the manager, you might think that your job is to review and critique job performance and see how people could do better. You're right – that's part of your job. However, if people feel like they are constantly under the microscope, they're not going to innovate and perform. Inc mentions that "So many bosses spend a great deal of time correcting subordinates for every little thing they do wrong in hopes they'll eliminate errors and increase efficiency." In addition to looking for problems, find the things that people do right and emphasize those. 

3. Look for Hidden Gifts 

Being a boss can be like an Easter egg hunt. Your employees have amazing talents, and you need to find out what they are and give them some space to grow. Is your administrative assistant a whiz at web design? Is one of your insurance agents particularly good at soothing angry customers? Highlight these talents and make sure that you support your staff in sharing them. If an employee is different from your usual hires, see what value that difference brings to your company.

4. Listen and Connect 

Work doesn't need to be personal, but it is valuable to your employees if you stop to build a personal relationship with them. Spend time listening to their individual questions, concerns, and insights. Ask them about their weekend, and actually listen. Developing authentic relationships in the workplace helps you understand where your employees are coming from, and it makes them feel valued and more likely to want to stay in their position as well. 

5. Keep Things the Same 

Sometimes, the best thing to do is to avoid shaking up the system. Do you have a process for onboarding new clients that works seamlessly? Don't try to reinvent it. Just because you're the boss doesn't mean that you need to put your stamp on everything. Focus on what's broken. According to Forbes, "Don’t try to dismantle already functional systems and behaviors just to leave your mark." 

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