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Becoming a Master Networker

Insurance networking is a critical part of building your connections and growing your business, but it isn’t a skill that always comes naturally.


Here are three important tips to help you become a master networker:

  1. Be interested in the other person. In today’s fast-paced world, simply listening is an under-practiced art. But listening can be a powerful tool for networking, helping you uncover another person’s interests or potential concerns that you may be able to help them out with. It also makes the other person feel interesting and valued, both important factors for establishing long-term relationships and trust.
  2. Ask existing connections for help. People love to be of help, and when you reach out to one of your contacts and ask for help in making connections and meeting new people, you just might be surprised at the warm reaction you receive. What’s more, when you meet someone through a common contact, it’s almost like receiving an endorsement of your skills.
  3. Look for local groups. You’re more likely to maintain and grow connections you make locally, and you already begin with some common ground, which can make it easier to connect. Local meetings hosted by the American Agents Alliance are a great place to practice your networking skills.

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