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The Benefits of Attending Industry Events in Person This Year

The benefits of attending industry events in person can help insurance agents and brokers at every step in their careers. While listening to podcasts, reading books, and watching webinars are great ways to learn, attending in-person events is more compelling and engaging. You will learn things and meet new people, returning home refreshed and energized.

Read on to learn more about the benefits of attending industry events in person this year.

In-Person Events Offer Many Benefits

While it is sometimes easier to attend an event or conference virtually, going to in-person events has lots of benefits.

Connect with your network on a deeper level.

Conferences are fun ways to see your industry friends and make new ones. And by attending in person, you have the opportunity to connect with people in a more meaningful way. Participating together in workshops and seminars gives you chances to talk about important topics like ethics, DEI, and trending issues. HBR recommends moving from small talk to deep talk. Instead of asking someone a generic question, ask them what they thought about a session. When you meet someone new, ask them what they like about their current job, how they manage challenges, or what they’re most excited about next.

Expand your network beyond its current limitations.

Take a look at the people you usually network with and consider if you can expand your reach by meeting new people. Going to a conference lets you meet people who work in a different line of business or region of the country — and their different experiences could be valuable to you. Opening your network to others outside your immediate niche can result in unexpected opportunities to learn, grow, and do business. Try looking for a conference in a different part of the country from where you live or that focuses on a type of business you don’t often write.

Bond over shared activities.

One of the best parts about in-person events is the fun activities. Many conferences organize a volunteer activity on-site so attendees can work together to give back to a local charity. Joining this goodwill event while at your conference will allow you to meet and connect with other volunteers while taking a few hours to do good for the world. Most conferences also have after-hours parties, receptions, and off-site events you can attend to meet people.

Increase your expert-level status.

You need to continue learning to maintain your licenses — and to be a credible and trusted adviser to your policyholders. By attending in-person events, you will earn continuing education credits and stay current on new trends and regulations. But you also can use the event to help build your credibility as an expert in your niche. Talk with others at the event to share your thoughts and join discussions. Post about the event and what you learned on social media. Write a blog post or article after the conference highlighting something you found interesting or relevant. All of these activities help portray you as the expert that you are.

Make the most of travel.

There is a reason many conferences take place in beautiful destinations in California, Florida, Arizona, and other sunny locations. Many people plan vacation travel around their conference schedule. Extending your time at an event by a few days for leisure activities around the beach, pool, or golf course is often cost-effective because you have already traveled for the conference. You can also add trips to local clients or partners while you are at your conference, making the trip even more valuable. 

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