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Benefits of Disability Insurance

As insurance agents, you are well aware of the importance of covering major disasters that could cause huge financial costs. You may sell home insurance, car insurance, life insurance and health insurance, but what about disability insurance?

Why Insure?

Disability insurance covers a client’s earnings. In the event that they are unable to work, they will be able to continue to provide for themselves and their family. Disability insurance can be self-provided or company provided. Additionally, offering disability coverage as an employee benefit is a great way to keep a competitive workplace, attracting and retaining the highest quality of employees.

The Fine Print

Pay close attention to the details of any policy. What kind of disability is covered? Some policies exclude work-related injuries or mental disorders. “Own occupation” coverage gives benefits when employees are able to work, but not perform their own tasks, while “any occupation” coverage only provides benefits to employees who are unable to work at all.

DI Program for Alliance Members

The American Agents Alliance offers great benefits to our members. Did you know a special Disability Insurance Program is available for Alliance members? Log in with your username and password and learn more about this special program  here.

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