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Benefits of Offering a Work-From-Home Option to Your Insurance Agents

With job responsibilities changing often in an insurance office, you should be aware of the strengths of each of your agents. If productivity seems to be falling behind due to stress or lack of support, you need to implement strategies for motivation. Have you ever thought about establishing a work from home program?

As technology continues to change the way your insurance agency runs, you may rethink how your employees can meet certain work expectations by utilizing high-tech strategies. Just because employees are at home doesn’t mean they can’t be productive. Providing them with the right tools can still allow them to conduct meetings and contact clients throughout the day. Telecommuting can help your company succeed as long as it is utilized correctly. As you plan out this program, make sure you continue to meet the needs of your customers.

Here are some tips to get started:

  • Organize a well-planned schedule so you can save some money on office utilities.
  • If you have agents telecommuting on specific days, they may experience fewer interruptions, allowing them to focus on personalizing the experience for their specific group of customers.
  • Those who choose to work from home have the freedom to schedule when and where they perform daily tasks. Being responsible for the completion of their own work shows you trust their judgment.
  • Offering this type of option may reduce the amount of sick time an employee takes so everyone’s needs can be met. Keeping these tips in mind may help your agents become less stressed with their work-life balance. This way, they can pay attention to the needs of the clients and work on building a positive reputation for the agency. Creating a relaxed, open culture may allow your customers to feel more comfortable with your insurance agency as well, perhaps building a long list of renewals and referrals as a result.


About the Author: Joseph Cunningham Jr. has been the President and CEO of Cunningham Financial Group for more than 27 years. The agency’s agents have more than 125 years of combined experience in providing quality insurance products and services to clients in Louisiana.

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