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Blast Through Boring: Attracting Young People to Your Insurance Jobs

Is the insurance field staid and boring? Not at all: but how can you convince new, young prospective employees that work in the insurance field has its perks?

These tips will help ensure that your job postings are attractive and show the true value of working at an insurance agency.


Highlight the Meaning in What You Do 

You don’t just sell insurance: you’re professionals who help people who are in trouble. Your insurance products can help consumers of all ages manage everything from car damage to the devastation of a home. When Millennials are looking at jobs, they want to find a position that is more than a paycheck. Insurance certainly fits the bill.


Talk About Your Work Culture 

Even when the content of the work sometimes feels mundane, the atmosphere at your workplace doesn’t need to be. When you’re creating job descriptions and postings, highlight the vibrancy of your insurance agency. Do you have a social work culture that offers many opportunities to participate in the community, connect with colleagues over a mid-day exercise session, or otherwise be sociable? This is attractive to younger job seekers. Include a mention of this perk in your job listings.


Be Fun 

Workplaces aren’t always the relaxing or fun environment everyone would like. However, by adding items such as a pingpong table, flexible open and closed office plans, and more, you’ll be able to create a physical space that suits many different needs and feels engaging to everyone.


Understand the Need for Flexibility 

Today’s employees want to find jobs that are more accommodating of home life, school, or other personal endeavors. For instance, conveniences, like working from home or flex time, can make it easier for employees to enjoy a work/life balance. Offer up perks such as unlimited vacation benefits and you’ll be a more attractive workplace for young people.


Offer Additional Health Benefits 

Issues such as mental health are getting a lot of press these days. It can be very difficult to manage mental health challenges on your own. Insurance jobs that provide access to therapy and other complementary medical treatments will be more appealing than those that don’t. Work environments in which it’s safe to mention a history of anxiety or depression allow new people to move into insurance jobs in a well-supported way.


Create a Benefits Package 

In today’s gig economy, it can be difficult to find funding for health care so jobs that offer benefits can be attractive. According to The Undercover Recruiter, “The younger generation wants more from their job and the right perks can emphasize the sense of purpose and company culture millennials desire in a job.” These perks don’t need to be limited to health care. Access to continuing learning opportunities, student loan payment assistance, and extra time off are also big perks in the insurance job market.


Connect Honestly With Potential Employees 

Visiting an insurance education program can be a great way to meet some prospective employees. Consider providing opportunities for internships. Interns will gain a better understanding of the insurance field and you may discover an ideal employee.

According to Fast Company, millennials want “…environments that promote transparency and give them a chance to advance quickly.” Be straightforward about what working at your agency is like; explain the perks but also be honest about any downsides.

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