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Blogging Your Way to the Top Creating Educational Insurance Content

If there is one thing we can do as insurance agents, it’s educating our prospects. We spend countless hours creating packaged policies, understanding the coverages, premiums, and liabilities – have we forgotten that our consumers don’t? Each client who purchases a policy from you has come to your agency because they trust your knowledge and industry experience; they rely on you to explain the details to them.

And, one way we can fulfill this mission is through valuable content. No matter what your subject is, whether you’r giving tips for winterizing one’s home and saving money on Virginia homeowners insurance or you are breaking down the key components of a commercial general liability policy use your content to teach your reader.

The goal of any piece of content is to be seen as valuable. To be seen as valuable your content also needs to be “sticky.” Sticky content will resonate well with other bloggers, your clientele, and prospects—plus it has the best chance of further being shared and positively spreading your agency’s influence! Creating truly educational, sticky content can be simplified into three easy steps:

  • Boil down your message – make it clear what product you are talking about or which policy you will be explaining. Now, what do you want to convey? Once you have your core message, spice it up with some humor, a tie-in to pop culture, or anything that can help you relate the complexities of insurance to the average person.
  • Catch your reader’s attention – it’s important to do so from the get-go. Utilizing various “hooks” is the best way to spark curiosity and engage your reader from the start.
  • Simplify – use clean fonts that are easy on the eye. Don’t go overboard with colors or images either; only use what can be seen as valuable to the reader and what will help them better connect to your content. Stray from over-optimization and over-linking as well; that tends to make your content appear “spammy.”

Overall, the goal of all insurance content should be to educate. Use your blogging efforts to portray to your prospects that you know your industry inside and out. Prove to them that you are knowledgeable and an expert in your field, while also giving them the tools to learn on their own. Always be sure that you leave your content somewhat open-ended as well. You want to give the reader room to formulate their own questions—forcing them to pick up the phone and give your agency a call!


About the Author: William H. Talley IV is the President at William H. Talley & Son Inc. Established in 1905; William H. Talley & Son Inc. is a five generation, full service Virginia insurance agency, specializing in customized personal solutions, commercial coverage, workers compensation, benefit solutions and more.

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