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Boom or Bust: 5 Ways to Connect With Seniors Who Need Auto Insurance

The Boomers are entering their senior years. While this means that there’s a new interest in quality healthcare and senior living products, these newly-minted senior citizens are also active in their communities, and they’re still very mobile. What insurance marketing strategies work well to connect with the unique needs of Boomers who need auto insurance?


1. Provide Reassuring Customer Service

The Boomer generation has high expectations of customer service, but their expectations are also different from those of younger adults. They look to the internet for information, but they also expect that you’ll be available by phone or have a storefront office with employees who are able to assist them. As they move into their senior years, Boomers will have questions about their insurance rates and options. Your job is to remain accessible, clear, and reassuring. They may have been your customers for a long time, and they want to know that they matter to your business.


2. Review the Policy With an Eye to Seniors’ Life Changes

As people move out of the workforce and acquire more health concerns, their driving habits change. Make a note to review seniors’ coverage with them, and ask them questions about their driving. Are they driving frequently? At what times are they driving? Have the places they visit changed? Are they traveling shorter or longer distances? These questions can help you adjust their policy accordingly.


3. Encourage Ongoing Drivers’ Education

Become a face in the community with visible partnerships and education that’s aimed at different driving populations such as seniors. For example, your insurance agency could sponsor a checkup for aging vehicles to make sure that seniors who have an older vehicle are driving safely. You could sponsor refresher driving lessons for seniors. Encouraging seniors to drive safely will increase your profile in the community and increase the safety of your community as well.


4. Provide a Seniors’ Discount When Marketing Insurance

Encourage senior drivers to apply for discounts, and offer these discounts regularly. Seniors are often very responsible drivers. They’re less likely to text and drive, and they have a lot of experience driving. Younger seniors tend to have fewer health problems than older seniors. Partner with national organizations for seniors to offer discounts through these organizations, and provide discounts and incentives for seniors who’ve upgraded their driving lessons or have low mileage every month. Of course, a clean driving and medical record are essential as well.


5. Communicate About Claims

For seniors who are on a fixed or limited income, an auto insurance claim can be financially difficult. This is especially true if they have more limited mobility and rely on their vehicle to get around town. Be as straightforward as you can about the details of the claims process and the timelines of this process, so that seniors know when they can expect their claim to go through.

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