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Break Through the Insurance Marketing Wall

Sigh, yawn: if your insurance marketing strategies leave you bored to tears, chances are they're boring your agents and clients as well. If you've hit the insurance marketing wall, here are some ideas to put a spring into your marketing plans. These techniques will get your insurance agents enchanted by insurance marketing once again.

Create or Renew Your Client Profiles

If you're looking for marketing ideas, turn to your clients for help. Does your agency have strong client profiles, and have you reviewed them recently? Focus on understanding your audience, and you'll be better able to meet their needs and target your insurance marketing.

Refine Your Connections

Sometimes it's not getting people in the door that's the problem – it's what you do once they walk in. If your insurance agents are struggling to reach or retain clients, focus on the processes that work best to turn leads into long term clients. Learn from your most successful insurance agents and track the processes that they use to convert their clients.

Focus on Follow Up

Consider what you can do to effectively follow up with leads and clients. For example, you can send clients a birthday card or a card on the anniversary of the date that they signed on with your business. You can create a thank you action or event for clients who've been with you for years. Think about ways you can connect on an interpersonal level with clients, and you'll generate new marketing ideas.

Put Yourself Out There

If you're feeling tentative about marketing, challenge yourself to get into the community and network. Attend educational events or visit your community's small business forum. Commit to having coffee with one or two new people in your field every week. Team up with others in the community who have similar clients and see how you can support each others' marketing efforts. Attending a new event and networking with different people may not only help you generate business connections, it may also break you out of your marketing rut and get you thinking about new business marketing ideas.

Commit to Social Media Marketing

If you've been trudging along dutifully making posts on social media, start to treat this marketing as an important task and see what happens. Uninspired posts lead to uninspired clients. Focus on building your social media voice, and create diverse posts with photos, infographics, and discussion points that appeal to your readers. Challenge yourself to commit to a stronger social media presence for a few months and measure the results.

Dedicate Time to Insurance Marketing

Sometimes, your marketing strategies get in a rut because you simply don't have time to renew them. Make intentional time to consider your insurance marketing strategies. Set aside brainstorming or training time with staff. Use technologies to refine some of your other business activities, use scripts for selling, keep your office running smoothly with better management processes, and cluster meetings at a specific time of the day so that you can free up time to focus on marketing.

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