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Building Relationships From Home — How to Build Connections Virtually

Strong relationships are an important part of being an insurance agent. But now that we live and work remotely much of the time, you may be wondering how to build connections virtually. Being able to network, collaborate, and disagree with people remotely is a skill to learn.

The last couple of years changed everything in our lives, including the way we work together. Your colleagues and clients may be working from home, from the office, or in some hybrid way. Some people relocated when their jobs switched to remote. Many people adapted and thrived in their home offices while others hated every virtual second.

Whether you like working from home or prefer your office, there are many benefits to learning how to build connections virtually. Read on to learn more about building remote working relationships.


How to Build Connections Virtually

You have probably learned a lot about working remotely during the pandemic. Your Zoom skills are sharp and your home office area comfortable. But since growing and building remote connections is so important, take a moment to brush up on your skills.

Try some of our top tips for how to build connections virtually as an insurance agent:

Be consistently yourself.

One way to build relationships remotely is by being honest and open. In other words, be yourself. People can often tell when you are being authentic. And being transparent and honest are important traits of insurance agents. Consider how you can be consistently yourself in a virtual world. You can share opinions on social media or reach out with holiday greetings. Show your personality off in Zoom meetings with your background or clothing choice. However and whenever you show up, be consistently yourself.


Visibility matters.

When you work remotely, it is more challenging to promote yourself and be involved in workplace relationships. You can help yourself by being visible. Speak up in meetings. Turn your camera on when joining Zoom or Teams calls. It can feel awkward if you are one of the only camera users but having your face on screen reminds your colleagues and bosses you are present and available. Reach out over social media, email, and Skype to say hello or ask questions. These informal connections help you build relationships.


Plan for hybrid meetings.

Going forward, many events and meetings will have people attending both in-person and remotely. You may need to plan for virtual attendance when you schedule meetings with clients and peers. Prepare in advance for a mixed audience and know that technical issues happen sometimes.

Find ways to communicate the information with remote attendees to ensure everyone gets the same message. Share your agenda in advance. Give out your email and phone number so people can follow up later. If virtual attendees miss some of the details, make sure to call them another time and review your message.


Communicate often.

Communication is key to positive relationships. This is true in the office and when working virtually. But when remote, communicate more than you think you need. Talk with people often, both to make sure you are on the same page and to reinforce relationships. You might consider having an informal morning call with your teammates or an afternoon wrap-up with your manager.

It is hard to overcommunicate. But misunderstandings are common when people stop talking to each other. This is even more true when you remove body language and other in-person cues that aid communication. Remedy this by talking often, scheduling meetings, and sending emails to confirm your understanding of conversations.


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