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Building Relationships with Your Clients via Pinterest

In the last year, Pinterest has exploded as both a social media network and search engine. For people who like recipes, fashion, crafts, travel, and home decor, Pinterest is one of the top sites to interact. The site has become more sophisticated, with a very good mobile app and excellent search capabilities. Additionally, it is full of lovely pictures which are a lot more fun to search then plain old text. All of these features lend themselves to any product or service company that is family or home related including the insurance industry.


Using Pinterest to engage clients

Pinterest is designed around the concept of a bulletin board. The idea is that each member has one or more bulletin boards to which they can pin photos or videos to. In order to pin an item, it has to have a photo included. Therefore any blog post, article, or quote with an image can be uploaded (pinned) to a board on Pinterest.


What goes viral

On Pinterest, you know if a pin goes viral by the number of times it is repinned. Repinning is when another member pins a copy of your pin on one of their boards. This in effect, reposts the link and image on their board. As an insurance agent, you can use Pinterest to market or sell. The best way to do this would be to upload a series of images or infographics related to your products or use the site to offer advice, tips, and messages to clientele related to your product.


Pinning a blog post

If you have a blog, as long as it has an image, you can pin a page. Therefore, you can write a post about furnace maintenance with an infographic or image attached and then pin it to your board. Members have many boards in the home category including safety, money-saving, and maintenance tips. These topics lend themselves well to the insurance industry, as do the topics of cars and motorcycles, home improvement, and professional success. Any of these topics can be the focus of a board, with a stream of tips to feed to your clients.


Pinterest is fun

Pinterest is a fun site to interact with because of the brightly-colored pictures. The search mechanism is detailed and niche-specific which is helpful for creating tightly focused boards that will appeal to your target clientele. Participants click on the “pins,” then go to the linked page for more information. Sharing is rampant on the site and you may find your own posts getting a great deal of traffic from a single pin. Using Pinterest will increase your online engagement with clients because they will enjoy posting to boards, and picking up tips from you. The more you pin, the better of a response you will have.

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