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Can Google Key Word Advertising Help Your Insurance Business?

Can Google keyword advertising work its magic for your business? To many, keywords seem like an insurance marketing trick to get people to visit your website. However, they’re the first step in an essential dialogue that will help you get to know your customers and establish you as a reputable authority in your field. The big insurance companies use keyword advertising to drive traffic to their businesses. As an independent agent, you can use Google keyword advertising to help your insurance business grow.


What is Google Keyword Advertising?

The Internet is a social venue, filled with peoples’ websites, comments about your business, and social media shares. However, it’s run by computer systems, and even though those systems try to be as intuitive as possible, they need you to help. Keywords are Google’s way of determining what your site is about. If you have site content that reflects the terms that people are searching for, your site will move higher in the search rankings. For instance, if people are searching for home insurance in Detroit and you use those words on your site, it will be easier for them to find you through a Google search.

Using Google keyword advertising, you can purchase keywords for your ad. Here’s how to use keywords effectively:

•    Use location-specific keywords

•    Group your keywords into phrases that are relevant to your customers

•    Find keyword niches: low competition keywords that are still relevant for your business



Costs of Keyword Advertising

How much does this advertising cost? When you’re working with Google keyword advertising, you’re paying a cost per click. When people interact with your advertisement, you pay Google. Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ll buy. Your job is to create a compelling advertisement that encourages people to click, then develop a strong marketing campaign on your landing page or website to ensure that your leads convert into clients. This follow through is especially important in the insurance industry, since insurance is one of the most consistently expensive keywords to use in your advertising. You must work to make those clicks matter to your business.


Financially Accessible Keyword Advertising

People Google a topic to get information, not to browse through dozens of pages. This is why getting to the top of Google’s search results is very important. While insurance keywords can be expensive to purchase, by working together with others, you can make your keyword advertising more affordable. For example, the American Agents Alliance has created a keyword advertising program that offers city-specific auto and home insurance keyword advertising, making it easier for independent agents to compete with other large insurance agencies.


Keyword Advertising is an Essential Part of Marketing Insurance

If keyword advertising is so expensive, why bother using it? Keywords aren’t the only way to connect to new customers, but to appeal to an audience that’s beyond what you’d get from word of mouth or social media, you can use keyword advertising.

Keyword ads can have a significant payback, but you need to do them right. Be specific, but not too specific. If you have a lot of keywords in one advertising group, your ads on Google may not speak to your potential audience. For example, if someone is looking for home insurance for low income buyers in Detroit, they may not click on an ad that features “Best House Insurance Detroit.” Make sure that your keywords are relatively focused yet wide enough to speak to versatile audiences. This will allow you to move into new markets and make a strong connection with those who search for those specific terms.

Your keyword advertisement doesn’t need to focus only on keywords. Think of your ad as a micro-level message to your future customers. Focus it on one or two keywords, and create a catchy message and short call to action. This will greatly improve your click-through and conversion rates.

When you’re looking for a new tool to generate business, add keyword advertising to your arsenal. It’s not the only tool you need, but it’s a tool that can draw in a new audience, provided that your keywords are adequately targeted. Are you working to grow your insurance business? Talk to the American Agents Alliance today. We provide you with a network of peers who have similar marketing challenges and can add their experience to yours. Contact us today, and learn more about our membership benefits.

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