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Catering to the Work Styles of Your Employees for Better Team Building

Are you aware of the work styles of your insurance agents? Although everyone has the same goal of satisfying customers by meeting their coverage needs, that doesn’t mean each person approaches situations in the same manner. By embracing each team members’ skills and understanding where they thrive, you can unite your organization in order to create a culture built on trust and expertise. So what are the typical work styles in a business environment?

Here are some work styles that may apply to your hard-working employees:

  • Perhaps you have employees who are “doers”. The people who have this work style enjoy checklists and feel accomplished when a task is completed. They have great focus and are very detailed oriented. Their natural knack for organization can help everyone get things done on time and successfully.
  • The leaders in your agency help inspire others to execute the vision. When they speak, people listen up and respect their opinions. Having these team members can establish authenticity for your agency.
  • Relationship builders are at their strongest when collaborating in a team setting. In addition, their working style is typically sensitive and empathic. This can allow them to relate to your customers and better understand their personal needs.
  • Learners have a great understanding of the insurance industry and continue to increase their knowledge of it. They are logical and disciplined, allowing them to solve problems effectively. Having a team for support allows for growth and strategic action.

Do you think you can design a space that caters to all of these styles? Keep in mind that everyone has unique strengths, which can only make your insurance agency stronger. Team building should be an essential component of your company as well as appreciating different perspectives. Understanding your own style can also help you better appreciate the strengths of each team member. So alter your approach to the style needs of your agents and you can increase productivity and overall satisfaction from everyone!

About the Author: Joseph Cunningham Jr. has been the President and CEO of Cunningham Financial Group for more than 27 years. The agency’s agents have more than 125 years of combined experience in providing quality insurance products and services to clients in Louisiana.

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