CEA’s MVP Rocks for Agents

California rocks as a place to live. But it rocks with earthquakes, too! As part of CEA’s new California Rocks! campaign, through free marketing support for agents eligible to sell CEA policies, CEA’s Marketing Value Program (MVP) delivers a win-win opportunity for you to build your business, and protect your customers from earthquake damage.

Build your business. Studies show that customer retention increases with additional policies sold. Complete CEA’s training on selling earthquake insurance, and gain CEA policy expertise to share for your customers to consider.

Learn how to describe risk, rates, and deductibles. Research shows that most Californians are not aware of their risk for earthquake damage. CEA also knows that most California residents are not aware of how CEA policy rates are determined, and how CEA deductibles are applied when claims are paid.

Protect your customers. Help deliver the earthquake insurance offer. Many Californians are unaware that earthquake damage is not covered by their home insurance policy. CEA coverage will help your customers get peace-of-mind from knowing they can afford to repair, rebuild, or replace their covered property that may be damaged by an earthquake. If you don’t provide this education, then who will?

Do it all for FREE. CEA’s MVP offers free postage-paid direct mail, custom fulfilled in your name, to send to your customers. CEA’s MVP also will deliver, in your name, free Earthquake Preparedness Starter Kits for your new CEA policyholders. Agents who complete CEA’s agent training class will receive additional free direct-mail support. After registering, you’ll receive your own sales kit and emergency go-bag.

Go to www.EarthquakeAuthority.com to register for agent training and participation in the MVP. Training is available in person, via webinar, and online. Note MVP registration for 2014 closes September 5, 2014. Working together, we can help more Californians prepare to survive and recover from California’s next damaging earthquake.

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