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Celebrate Employee Appreciation Day With These Ideas

How do you plan to celebrate Employee Appreciation Day on March 6? You do plan to celebrate, right? After all, your insurance agency operates smoothly because of your dedicated employees. Implement one or more of these ideas as you show your employees how much you appreciate them.

Provide Lunch

Everyone appreciates a good meal so treat your employees to lunch at a favorite restaurant or bring in their favorite specialty sandwiches. While you're at it, get bonus points by providing cake or dessert, too.

Close Early

Who doesn't appreciate an extra weekend hour? Give that gift of time to your employees when you let them leave an hour early with pay. If you can't spare everyone, set up a rotating schedule throughout the month and ensure every employee has the chance to leave early.

Show Courtesy

You wouldn’t dream of being rude to clients, but how often do you say please and thank you to your employees? Courtesy makes every office a more pleasant place, and you'll find that your employees work harder when you make courtesy a habit. Why not start today?

Give Away Gifts

Opening a present can brighten anyone's day, including your employees. The token of your appreciation can be a small gift like personalized stationary or a coffee mug or splurge for something larger like a bonus check or new office chairs. As long as it's thoughtful, a gift will make your employees' day.

Recognize Special Achievements

Did one of your employees recently land a large client, find a deal on office supplies, achieve a personal goal or arrive early to make coffee? Pat him or her on the back. Everyone appreciates being recognized, so take the time to notice the achievements of your employees as you show them how much you appreciate them.

Offer Training

Extra training makes your employees even better at their jobs. Instead of sending your team to a conference, though, bring in a special speaker or offer a web training. Your investment equips your agents and helps them meet goals without leaving the office.

Start a Suggestion Box

Do you value your employees' suggestions on the schedule, operations or services? A suggestion box shows that you value each person's contributions to the agency, so start one today.

Share Your Gifts

Did a client send you a thank you card or fruit basket? Share those gifts with your employees. They need to know that they're an important part of your agency and that people notice their contributions.

Set up a Social Committee

An annual employee appreciation day is nice, but celebrating your employees every month is even better. Set up a social committee to plan a monthly picnic, secret pal gift exchange, catered breakfast or birthday treat. Your employees will appreciate the effort you take to show your thanks every month.

Employee Appreciation Day gives you a chance to recognize and thank your employees. Which one of these appreciation ideas will you try first?

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