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Connecting With the Mission of Your Insurance Agent Association

Mission, Vision, and Values 

What is the mission of your professional association? The mission statement focuses on why the organization exists. The vision is its goal, and the values show you the way in which the organization wants to accomplish this goal. Why is it important to consider why your insurance agent association exists?


Connecting With Your Professional Association’s Mission 

As an individual working in the insurance field, you have a “why” as well. You may work in the field because you have the opportunity to do research that you enjoy. You may work in the field because you get the opportunity to help problem-solve or help others in a tangible way.

Whatever your personal mission is for involvement in the field, it’s important to consider whether your personal mission connects with the mission, vision, and values of your professional association. If you don’t connect to what your association is doing and why, what its end goal is, and the values it brings to the work, then it might not be a good fit for you professionally. For example, if you’re primarily looking for networking opportunities and your professional association does not provide a lot of online or in-person opportunities, you might want to focus your networking energy elsewhere.


What Is the Mission of American Agents Alliance? 

American Agents Alliance’s mission is to empower “independent insurance agents and brokers to thrive through advocacy, education, and networking.”

This organization has been active since 1962, when it began as a member-driven effort to form an advertising cooperative. From there, our members fought legislation that would have impacted their ability to find new business. They recognized that there was a need to work together on diverse issues that other insurance associations were not covering.

Our mission drives American Agents Alliance’s actions. Our association offers many member resources such as an E&O insurance program, quality continuing education courses, forms and manuals, an advocacy and government affairs program, access to personal lines markets, discounts on products and services through affinity programs, and much more. There is also the annual conference, which is the largest insurance convention in the region. Our association strives to adapt to the ongoing and emerging needs of its members.

American Agents Alliance also provides a venue for political advocacy to advance the needs of our members as we continue to fulfill one of the original purposes of the organization.

If you are looking for education and networking opportunities for your employees or yourself, opportunities to grow your business, less expensive options to current products and services that you use, and an insurance agent association that will advocate for your needs, take a look at us.

At the American Agents Alliance, we’re dedicated to the well-being of your insurance agency. Contact us today to learn more about the opportunities that you’ll have as a member of the American Agents Alliance.


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