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Could Your Agency Website Be Deterring Potential Clients? Here’s How to Tell

Is your insurance agency putting on a friendly face for potential clients online? As you develop your insurance agency website, consider what face you’re showing to the world. Your site may make sense to you, but it needs to be welcoming to your prospective clients, answer their questions, and leave them confident about working with your agency in the future.


Is Your Site Attracting Clients and Answering Questions?

Is your website attracting the clients you want? If business is slow and primarily from existing clients or those who find you through word of mouth, it could be time for a website makeover. Perhaps your site is bringing people in, but they seem confused. They’re asking questions that they should be able to find the answers to on your site. They may have questions about the usability of the site itself as well, such as technical problems downloading one of your informational products. Additionally, your prospective clients could be frustrated because your site works on a desktop but not on a mobile device. When you’re feeling overwhelmed by questions that should be easy to answer on your site, it’s time for a site makeover.


Who’s In Control?

To make your site usable, you need to have a website that’s under your control. While you may hire a designer to create the site for you, make sure that your site can remain dynamic. You need to either be able to edit content on your own site or have a web specialist on call that can make changes when you need them.


Hone Your SEO

Although websites aren’t only about SEO, you do need to ensure that the information you have on your site aligns with the searches that potential clients conduct to try and find businesses like yours. Take a look at your website analytics and review the keywords that bring visitors to your site. Use that information to optimize your site for search. Consider other searches such as location-based terms that could draw people to your site.


Go Mobile

Many of your clients will access your site on a mobile device. Make sure that this is an easy experience, not a frustrating one. Ensure that your website works on multiple devices, including phones and tablets. Responsive web design can help you attract clients that are browsing your site on the smaller screen as well as their laptops.


Create Landing Pages

Your website should be a strong marketing tool for your business. One of the ways to develop this marketing tool is to add landing pages that focus on specific audiences. Link other marketing products to these specific landing pages. An article on homeowners insurance can link to a page that’s specific to those clients’ needs.


Add a Call to Action

Is your website drawing people in, or is it simply providing information? Your site should have opportunities for people to interact further. Encourage them to sign up for your email list by offering them free products such as an e-book or whitepaper, or invite them to tell you more about their needs through a short survey.


Bring Your Site to Life With New Content

Establishing yourself as a friendly authority in your field helps build client relationships even when you don’t yet know your prospective clients. When you develop blog content, e-books, and webinars that answer your clients’ questions about the insurance industry, you build a reputation as a trusted authority. If you’re going to add a blog to your site, make sure that you have time to post content consistently. Create an editorial calendar ahead of time to keep your posting schedule on track.


Make Your Website Social

Does your site invite people to share your information with others? If you’re writing a blog, make sure that you add social share buttons. You can also encourage your readers to share your posts on social media with a call to action. Develop a social media presence for your agency and share content from your site to connect your business with the digital world.

As you develop your insurance agency’s website, you develop your network. The American Agents Alliance is about creating a network that works for your business. We support insurance agents like you. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of membership.

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