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Could Your Insurance Agency Benefit From Better Customer Service?

Have you checked your customer connection recently? Outstanding customer service not only helps you bring in more clients, it also helps you retain existing clients. Word of mouth spreads about your customer service, and you develop a reputation as an agency that cares. No matter how well you’re doing, you could always benefit from a customer service upgrade.


Build a Connection

As you work with new and existing clients, build a connection with them. If you have a hard time remembering details about people, create a file for each client that also includes personal notes about past interests, transactions, and other details of that person’s life.


Be On Time

Even though you’re busy, are you still on time? Being on time is the way to start off your customer service relationship right. If you have a meeting with a customer, be there a little early. If you receive an email, respond to it in a timely manner, even if it’s to say that you need to gather additional information. Value your clients’ time, and they will value your agency.


Follow Up and Follow Through

When you have a lot going on, it’s easy to forget the details of a transaction. Create systems that help you remember, because your customers are counting on you to help them move through the insurance system with accuracy and speed. Make sure that you spend time on the details that are important to them, and follow through on their requests.


Let Them Know When You’ve Made a Mistake

If you’ve made a mistake or you don’t know the answer, that’s all right. It’s important to let people know instead of trying to pretend that all is well. While your customers may not appreciate the mistake, they will generally appreciate your honesty.


Thank Your Customers

Whether it’s a seasonal card or a note placed on their insurance, remember to say thank you to your clients. A little bit of gratitude can go a long way towards building a solid reputation for your insurance agency.


Be Ahead of the Game

To move your customer service from good to excellent, anticipate your clients’ needs. This doesn’t mean always trying to sell them something new that isn’t relevant for them. It could be that you note that they’re expecting a child and may need life insurance along with their home insurance. It could be that you offer a more extensive meeting with new clients to thoroughly assess their insurance needs. Establish what next steps need to happen with each client and be proactive about meeting their needs.


Welcome Feedback

Whether you send out a customer survey every year, talk to recent clients, or welcome and reflect on critical feedback, your clients need to know that you value what they say. Let them know that their feedback makes a difference. Reflect on feedback and make positive changes based on the insights you gather from your clients.

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