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Top 5 COVID-19 Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Everything about our world is different since the pandemic, including your COVID-19 marketing strategy. There is no going back to the way things were—changing conditions are the new normal. Businesses have to adapt and push forward.

Finding new COVID-19 business strategies means changing the way we work with people. Customers have different expectations and new needs. Meeting those needs requires adapting and mixing up your marketing strategy.

Try some of our top 5 COVID-19 marketing tips and share your results! For more helpful small business resources, check out our blog at the American Agents Alliance.


Top 5 COVID-19 Business Strategies

Marketing looks different now. Make sure your small business keeps up with changing conditions with a COVID-19 marketing strategy.


Impress with your digital footprint.

One thing we’ve learned from the pandemic is how much business can be handled digitally. Many industries didn’t miss a beat in the transition from an in-person world to a virtual one. Having a strong digital presence —a smart website with easy-to-use features means excelling in a COVID-19 world.


Communicate with transparency.

Customers like to do business with companies they trust. Being transparent and honest when you communicate is a first step toward creating trust. When things aren’t going smoothly, be honest. If your systems are down or you need to do scheduled maintenance, communicate the issues with your customers.


Meet changing customer expectations.

Customers have new expectations since the pandemic. One significant change is the desire to do business online. Starting as a need during shutdowns when everyone had to do everything virtually, it’s now evolved to a convenience many people don’t want to give up. The ease of working from home, seeing your doctor virtually from your laptop, and managing your banking and other essential needs from the couch means customers now expect every transaction to be digital. Companies have to keep up and meet customers where they are at—and now that place is online.


Try automation.

What parts of your marketing process can you automate? Consider the manual parts of your workflow, like data entry, and see how you could automate them. You can try new tools like an agency management system to automate a part of your workflow. Monitor your changes and the results for a few months—with automated processes you should save time and money.


Focus on content marketing.

Creating relevant, helpful content is a sound COVID-19 marketing strategy. Set your agency apart by being a thought leader through content marketing. Develop intelligent content and deliver it through social media. Engage with others in the industry. Becoming known for great content means customers will come to you when they have questions. This is great for an insurance agent where every customer question could lead to a sale!


What’s Next?

Adopting some or all of these COVID-19 business strategies will help your agency continue being successful. The world is different now and being flexible and changing your marketing plan will help you grow.

Don’t forget to include your COVID-19 marketing strategy in next year’s business plan. Writing down your goals and plans helps you achieve them. Knowing the world will continue to change, plan ahead by designing strategies to market your business accordingly.

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